Saltway Team Ministry

'Salt and Light'

About Us

The 'Saltway Team' is a united team of churches, which is formed from the two parishes comprising of the Parish of Droitwich Spa and the more rural parish of Salwarpe and Hindlip with Martin Hussingtree to the south. The team comprises of seven church buildings and a wide range of mission and ministry that serves the local area.

Our vision is to be 'Salt and Light' in our community, with the threefold mission to Worship God, Grow Disciples and Serve the Community.

Worshipping God
We aim to make a priority of focusing on God in our lives. We worship God through participation in our weekly gatherings, in our personal prayer and our daily lives.

Growing Disciples
We aim to follow Jesus Christ with the whole of our lives and are committed to loving and serving each other. 

Serving Community
We aim to be more than just Christians together on a Sunday, but to be a positive, life-affirming influence in our local community.

We run a wide range of services and activities each week that help us to begin to live out these aims. 

We hope that this website will be helpful. To find out how best to connect into our community, or simply to find out more, just drop us a line